#1 (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Specialist (WSQ)

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Search Engine Optimization Course

Course Title:  #1 (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Specialist (WSQ)
Course Code: TGS-2021004545
Type: WSQ Certification
Course Duration: 24.5 Hours

Course Description
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial element of today’s online marketing. It is widely used to increase and improve the website traffic to your website via a search engine. SEO is commonly used to attract organic traffic (unpaid) from targeted searches like image search, news search or generic/specific industry vertical search engines. This course will enable learners to manage and monitor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns for the organisation’s digital assets and contents across channels and conduct analysis on performance of SEO campaigns

Course Outline 
1. Breaking down the characteristics of Search Engine Optimizations 
2. Manage keywords research and provide SEO recommendation in alignment with Organisation’s  SEO objectives 
3. Partner with relevant stakeholders to optimise content creation as per Internet marketing strategies 
4. Manage search results and evaluate search performance and Internet marketing strategies through a web analytics dashboards and reports to provide inputs on SEO and marketing strategies of a website
** Free Course-Refresher Session within 06 months after graduation.

Next Course Runs: (Updated 10th May 2021)
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Course Code TGS-2021004545

– Online Assessment
– Online Virtual Classroom Training
– All lessons will be conducted via our virtual classroom e-Learning platform

Course Suitability: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Advertising, Media
Course Language Medium: English
Course Certification Type: Statement of Attainment
Course Certification Title: Search Engine Optimization (Level 4)
Course Duration: Total 24.5 Hours
Course Days: 03 Days

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Course Fees:
SGD $1,350.00 Nett
Course Funding Details
Approved Payment Type: Nett Fee 
Course Funding Support Period:
03rd May 2021 – 02nd May 2023
Type of Funding (Companies): Training Grant Absentee Payroll / Mid Career Enhanced Subsidy / Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit
Type of Funding (Individual): SkillsFuture Credits for Individual / Mid Career Enhanced Subsidy / UTap
Support level: CAT B Funding, WSQ, External

IMPORTANT NOTICE: WTS will be replaced by WSS from 01st JULY 2020.
More Information on WSS here.

Update: 22nd July 2020
Pending the launch of SSG’s TPGateway Portal, please Kindly check with us the final pricing here.
New WSS Hotline: 1800-536-8333
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*Grant amount indicated above does not include absentee payroll (AP) funding as this is dependent on the trainee’s hourly basic salary (other than for trainees supported by surrogate Employers, where AP is computed on flat rate independent of salary). **90%







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